Northern Kites

Northern Kites, the project that brought the red kite back to the North-East of England

Northern Kites was one of the northeast of England's most high profile wildlife initiatives. The aim of the project was to return breeding red kites to the region whilst providing its communities and people with an opportunity to enjoy and appreciate one of the most spectacular elements of our wild heritage.

The Northern Kites Partners worked together to re-introduce red kites to their former breeding range in the north of England, after an absence of 170 years, and provided opportunities for people to see these spectacular birds. This project was a world first in re-introducing kites into a semi-urban environment centred on Gateshead's Derwent Valley.

The Northern Kites Project was managed by:

  • The RSPB
  • Natural England

In partnership with:

With additional funding from:

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