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Wing Tag:

Orange/Green 1 (the left wing tag is orange indicating the bird is from Yorkshire and the right wing tag is green indicating the bird was born in 2006)

Adopted by:

Ponteland Community Middle School

Key Activities up to July 2009:

Soar was reared in a nest on Harewood Estate in north Yorkshire in 2006, she was one of a brood of two. Soar's father is Orange/Pink 1, born in 2000 and the first kite born in Yorkshire to be wing tagged after releases began in 1999. Soar's mother is Orange/Pink T, released in Yorkshire in 2000. This pair have been breeding successfully since 2001.

Soar was first recorded in Gateshead on 5th November 2007, feeding on a pheasant carcass at the bottom of Lintzford Lane. On 4th April 2008, Soar was seen foraging around Balfour Utilties just off Thornley Lane in Rowlands Gill.

During spring 2008, Soar was seen displaying in the Derwent valley with WT68 (Lyons Lightning). They went on to build a nest together and have raised one chick. The chick was fitted with a leg ring and wing tags B3. On 28th July 2008, Soar was seen flying with partner WT68 and chick WTB3 near Barlow in Gateshead.

Since mid-September 2008, Soar has regularly been recorded at the red kite winter roost near Sherburn Towers housing estate in Rowlands Gill, Gateshead.

Soar was last recorded at the end of 2008, this has been followed by no sightings since.

Location as of July 2009:



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